Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Working Out House Ownership When You Have Paid Seven Years Worth Of Taxes

Celina Henry

Owning a property is loaded with a lot of responsibility. Some of those responsibilities may include paying the mortgage, ensuring the upkeep of the home, and making certain that you keep up with insurance and paperwork documentation of the home. One of the major things that must be paid on a home, whether the house has a mortgage or not, are the taxes. Yearly taxes are assessed on real estate and are to be paid on an annual basis. If you are not the person on the deed of a home however, you have paid the mortgage for seven years, you do have a claim to the home. If you have been paying the taxes by yourself on a home for seven years and you wish to check on your possible ownership, here are some ways to go about seeking your claim. 

Consult a real estate tax attorney

The most knowledgeable party about the claim to a house via tax payment is a real estate tax attorney. A real estate attorney in your state will know the proper tax codes and rules about claiming a stake in ownership in any home. In many states, if you have paid the taxes for at least seven years, you will be able to claim ownership of the house. However, you will need to have proof of paying the taxes and the owner not paying any for the entire duration of that time. The attorney will be able to give you a green light to claim the home and provide you with legal information on how you can do so. 

Ask about foreclosure

Often, if you are not the person living inside of a home that you have claimed via taxes, you will need to claim the home via foreclosure. As a layperson, this can be difficult. A real estate attorney can direct you towards the paperwork that you need to file and how to take all of the steps legally. As with a bank foreclosure, the foreclosure will require time for the individual to be informed via the notice of foreclosure and time to move out. If you do not take all of the steps in order and legally via proper paperwork, you may find yourself having to start the process over. 

Get yourself on the deed

Proper ownership of the home can be exerted by having your name on the deed. Once the foreclosure has gone through, you will be able to add your name to the deed of the home. This will allow you to legally interact on behalf of the home and give you the legal right to live in the home as long as you do not have a tenant. Be sure to add your name and get a copy of the deed as soon as you are added for legal proof.  


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Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

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