Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Pros And Cons Of Being The Spouse Who Files For The Divorce

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Some people truly believe that the spouse who files for divorce first will have a lot of great advantages over the other spouse; however, this is not necessarily true. There are actually pros and cons to being the spouse who initiates the divorce, and here are some of the main ones you should know about before you go through with it:

The pros of filing for divorce

To begin, you should understand the benefits you may reap if you are the spouse who files the divorce papers. One of the main benefits is that you have control over when you get divorced. If your spouse is dragging his or her feet and will not file, you can take control of the situation by filing yourself. Secondly, being the spouse who files for divorce also offers the benefit of having time to properly plan for it. If you think your spouse might file but are not really sure, you might postpone planning for it. If this happens, you could be surprised when your spouse files, and this could leave you in a rush trying to get things in your life prepared for this event.

Additionally, being the spouse who files will give you more time to search for a divorce lawyer without having to rush through the process. If you wait for your spouse to file, you might not have a lot of time to find a good lawyer to represent you, and you might end up settling for one you are not overly happy with.

The cons of filing for divorce

Secondly, you should also understand that there could be some disadvantages of being the spouse who files the divorce papers. One of the disadvantages you might experience from filing for divorce is losing the chance to reconcile with your spouse. If there is a chance to save the marriage, filing divorce papers is probably not going to help you with this. Secondly, when you file first, you may have to create a list of what you want from the divorce. By doing this first, your spouse will be able to have time to look this over and create a counterplan for it, and he or she might end up getting more because of this.

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