Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

When To Get A Lawyer Involved In Your Workers Compensation Claim

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Workers compensation insurance is intended to help an employee that was injured on the job and can't work while they are healing. It is not intended to pay you your full salary but it is also not supposed to be hard to get if you have a legitimate claim. Some employers make it very hard to get and can be very difficult to work with at all. There are things you can do but you may need some help to navigate the process.

Filing A Claim

If you are injured on the job, you need to let your supervisor know right away. Getting the process going as soon as possible is important. You will need doctors reports and statement of what happened so be sure to go to the doctor right away as request a copy of the file or a doctors note for your employer. When you turn it into your employer, you should be ready to fill out a statement, if you have not already, about the events of the accident or injury. The company you work for may want you to see their doctor as well for an evaluation and to verify the information or findings from your doctor. That is not uncommon and shouldn't be a red flag for you. All of this is part of getting the claim started.

Getting A Lawyer Involved

If you have filed the claim and done all the things you were asked to and the company is giving you a hard time about the claim, you may need to consider hiring a lawyer to help you. Most workers compensation lawyers have a very clear understanding of the claim process and the loopholes companies may try to use to not pay it. If your company is trying to avoid paying the claim, talking to a lawyer about the claim and what has occurred so far is a good start. You will need to give them the details and allow them access to your medical records so they can prepare the case properly.

Meeting With The Company

Once the case is ready, your lawyer will schedule a meeting with you, the company representatives, and their lawyer. This is normal and is the first step in this process. The point of this meeting is to come to an agreement about the compensation and if it goes well, you may not have to go to court at all. If it doesn't, it is conceivable that the case will have to go in front of a judge for final determination but let the lawyers deal with that. Let your lawyer guide you through the process and you will be fine. Just be clear and honest about what happened and work through the process slowly and carefully.

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