Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Why Insisting On 50-50 Custody Isn't Always A Good Idea

Celina Henry

Many parents think that a 50-50 custody plan is ideal because it gives both parents equal time with their children. While it is true that shared custody has many benefits (after all, children benefit from the association with both parents), it doesn't mean the ratio has to be that exact. Here are a few complications that a 50-50 custody plan may bring:

It's Impractical

It's easy to agree on a 50-50 custody plan than to see it through in real life. Life isn't always that symmetrical; there will always be things that don't fit that nicely into your equal sharing plan. For example, your work schedule may suddenly change (for example after a promotion). Moving to another neighborhood far from your present location may also interfere with your 50-50 schedule.  If you don't live close to each other, how will the kids attend school while taking turns shuffling back and forth between your houses?

It Encourages Parental Conflict

The risk of custody-related conflict is high in a 50-50 arrangement compared to other custody arrangements. This is mainly due to the disruptions mentioned above. As has already been discussed, this kind of custody arrangement isn't practical, meaning it's likely to be fraught with disruptions. The more issues you face, the more likely you are to fight because you won't agree on all of them.

Solving these conflicts will cost you money in the form of mediators or even legal fees (for issues that end up in court). On top of that, fights between parents aren't exactly good recipes for raising children; the emotional and psychological effect can be lifelong.

It's Not Necessarily Best for the Kids

A 50-50 custody plan is based on an assumption that the kids would benefit from spending equal times with both parents. It also assumes that all children have the same needs that can be neatly met by this formula. In reality, this isn't always the case. Children have different needs, which is why custody issues should be determined on a case-by-case basis. This means when you opt for equal time-sharing, you are choosing what is convenient for you (the parents) and not for the kid.

Therefore, don't force yourself to get a 50-50 custody plan without considering its merits and demerits, as well as its practicality. Analyze your respective situations to come up with a practical custody plan that is beneficial to the kids. A family lawyer can help you with the analysis. For more information, talk with an attorney like those at Kleveland Law.


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