Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Using A Journal After A Workplace Accident

Celina Henry

Being hurt on the job can be a difficult thing to go through. On top of being hurt, you might be unable to work for a while. Many times, using a journal can help you cope with the stress and trauma of an accident. However, there are other reasons for using a journal after a work accident and they are connected to your workers' compensation claim. Read on to find out more.

Problems With Insurance 

A work injury is bound to create problems in a worker's life. However, many workers end up having problems with the workers' compensation carrier too. Workers' comp is a form of insurance paid for by the employer. The employer pays premiums for this coverage, and it is meant to cover employees for their losses. Workers' compensation insurance is also supposed to cut down on those hurt employees filing suits against the businesses.

Workers may encounter issues with everything from an unfair denial of benefits to being offered very little money for a permanent injury. The long list of things that can go wrong can mean the worker is forced to take part in the appeal and hearing process. However, they don't have to fight the insurer on their own. Workers' compensation lawyers are ready to help.

How Can a Journal Help

It's become common for lawyers to suggest that their clients use journals to record their thoughts about injuries. Journaling has therapeutic effects because victims can release their emotions safely and work through their frustrations. There is more, though, that a journal can do. When it comes to getting paid for a work injury, it's not always about what the X-ray shows or the results of any other diagnostic tests. In part, a worker that is negatively affected by a severe injury is also suffering from psychological damage.

In addition, though, a journal can serve as a reminder system for the hurt worker. Use it to record everything that happens because of the work injury. Many hurt workers find it helpful to record the following things:

  • How much pain they are in because of the injury.
  • What the doctor said at the last appointment.
  • The names of those they spoke with from the workers' compensation insurance company.
  • A summary of the way the accident happened, and all the treatment provided.

Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer in your area and get help with your case.


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