Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Your 18-Wheeler Accident May Have Been Caused by Eating and Driving

Celina Henry

A large percentage of Americans eat while driving and this can sometimes include truck drivers. Drivers who eat while they are driving might think that they are saving time, but there are several reasons why eating and driving can lead to a serious accident.

The Danger of Eating While Driving

When a truck driver takes their eyes off the road, even for a short period, they might notice a potential danger on the road and end up in a collision. The truck might wander enough to where it is involved in a collision with other vehicles.

The truck might not stop soon enough when another vehicle slows down and might end up in a collision. This is especially true since an 18-wheeler can take longer to slow down than other types of vehicles. If a tire blows, the truck driver is more likely to lose control over it. 

Beware of Drinking and Driving

Not drinking alcohol, which is substantially more dangerous, but merely drinking a soda or cup of coffee while on the road can be distracting and potentially lead to an accident. If you spill your drink, you may be distracted enough to take your eyes off the road for several seconds as a natural reaction.

Oftentimes, both eating and drinking require that the driver take both hands off the road. This is because at some point you might need to hold a bottle with one hand and screw the cap off or you might need to ear open a package. If the truck is in motion as the driver does this, they may lose control of the vehicle.

How to Prove Reckless Driving

The driver will likely try to hide the fact that they were eating or drinking. However, your 18-wheeler accident attorney will be able to interview witnesses who may have observed the act and may be willing to testify on your behalf. Other evidence the attorney can collect at the scene of the accident, such as the failure of the driver to brake at an intersection, and data collected from the black box found inside the truck, can all serve as evidence that the driver was not operating the truck safely.

After you can prove that the driver of the 18-wheeler was reckless, you will be able to seek compensation for your injuries. Then, you will be able to pay for your medical bills, replace any income that you have lost, and will receive compensation for your pain and suffering. For more information, contact 18-wheeler accident attorneys.


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