Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Big Career Impacts From An Accident

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A vehicle accident can change everything in an instant. Being hurt by the actions of a careless driver will affect not just your physical health but your personal relationships, your financial situation, and even your career too. Taking action against the other driver might mean making them pay for all of those changes and more. For example, if your career situation took a huge hit because of the other driver, read on and find out what you can do about it.

Short-term Impacts

Even minor accidents can lead to lost time from work. Any time you miss work because of an accident, make a note of it. Even if you have great work benefits and use your paid time off to attend medical appointments and such, keep up with all the time spent away from work. Give your personal injury lawyer proof of your income and a list of every hour you missed from work. Usually, a pay stub, pay statement, bank statement, or income tax return showing income will work.

Long-term Career Damage

Some accident injuries seriously affect the victim's ability to ever work in their chosen career field again. Those that have permanent injuries that prevent them from doing their jobs may be entitled to more compensation than the usual lost wages benefit. Take these victims, for example:

  1. Surgeons, artists, and chefs with permanent damage to their hands or fingers.
  2. Actresses or models with facial injuries.
  3. Those who drive vehicles for a living but are now unable to drive due to serious injuries.
  4. Almost anyone in any job who suffers from a brain injury.

Calculating Compensation

Not everyone will suffer from the level of injury that permanently impacts their careers. Those who do, however, will need to show that they were already successfully earning income and now have no way for that to continue because of the accident injuries. Previous earnings are used to calculate how much is owed for what is known as lost future earnings. To perform the calculation, experts in the fields of medicine, economics, and vocations are consulted to determine how much future income has been lost. Also in the calculation goes the victim's age, location, education, and the type of disability suffered.

A major part of paying accident victims what they deserve is the effort to make them whole again. If you have been affected, you deserve compensation. To learn more, speak to a personal injury lawyer like Todd East Attorney at Law about your case.


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