Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A DUII Defense Attorney

Celina Henry

Have you been caught driving under the influence of intoxicants? Such a charge can carry severe consequences that could have a negative impact on your life, whether your driving was somewhat impaired or not. For this reason, it's crucial to find a way to mitigate the consequences. One reliable option you should consider is to work with a DUII attorney. These professionals understand the DUII law and have handled different cases, so they are in a better position to formulate the best defense for your case. This post will share reasons why it's advisable to hire a DUII defense attorney.

You Need Someone Who Understands the Science Behind a DUII

Most of the DUII defenses depend on the results the experts get after conducting chemical tests on your urine, blood, and breath. Not every lawyer can interpret the results correctly because the science of DUII is complex, so it's crucial to get a DUII attorney. Other than understanding the DUII law, they will be in a better position to create an effective defense strategy as they'll use the science knowledge to your advantage. For instance, they can claim that the breathalyzer test was faulty to mitigate the consequences of your charges.

You Want to Avoid Serious Penalties

The last thing you want is to be sent to jail once you are convicted of a DUII, mainly if it's a first-time offense. Also, you may lose the driving license for a certain duration or be asked to pay a fine. Such penalties will harm your life. For instance, you will be forced to hire a taxi or ask someone to drive you around. Working with a DUII defense attorney is better since they know the best way to defend you and bargain for lesser charges. For instance, they'll ensure the license is suspended for a short period, or the fine is reduced if you are a first-time offender. The lawyer will also ensure you don't get a criminal record as this will prevent you from getting employed, among other effects.

You Want to Avoid High-Risk Insurance Coverage

When your insurance company learns that you were convicted of DUII and you're allowed to drive again, the premium rates will be increased. Usually, high-risk insurance is considered mandatory for several years, which will impact your finances. Some insurance companies opt to drop the coverage. A DUII lawyer knows all this and will help you navigate the insurance options to drive and remain insured.

Working with a DUII attorney will come in handy, so do not try to DIY or hire a lawyer who doesn't understand the DUII law. Don't forget to check their track record before assigning the task.


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