Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Going Through A Divorce? Follow These 5 Tips

Celina Henry

A divorce can be a very complicated process, which is why it will help to know these tips to get yourself through it.

Watch Everything That You Say

Know that anything you say to your spouse during a divorce can be used against you. Don't think about how your words will hurt your spouse in the moment but how those words will hurt you in court. Would you want a judge hearing the things that you say? If not, don't say it. 

Know That Temporary Orders Can Become Permanent Orders

Many people wrongfully assume that a temporary order issued during a divorce is only temporary. The truth is that those temporary orders do have some weight when it comes to making the final orders. After all, if you lost your arguments when deciding on temporary orders, why would those same arguments work to settle permanent orders? That is why you shouldn't give in to your spouse when deciding on temporary orders. 

File The Divorce Petition First

If you know that you are going to get a divorce, it is a good idea to be the first one to file the paperwork. In your divorce case, you will be considered the petitioner, which gives you some unique advantages. You will be the first one to state your issues for getting divorced, which will become the basis of the case. Your documents are read first, your lawyer speaks first, and you set the times for hearings. Your spouse will then have to be the one to react to what you do rather than being the one that sets up the divorce process. 

Keep Meetings With Your Lawyer Professional 

Divorce lawyers are going to charge by the hour, so every moment you spend with them should be with a purpose. A divorce lawyer is not a therapist, and you should not be using your time with them to vent about the emotional aspects of going through a divorce. Always remember that they are there to help with the legal matters surrounding your divorce. 

Hold Onto Assets You Want To Keep

Chances are high that there are going to be some assets that you want to hold onto. It is a good idea to hold onto these assets so that they are in your possession until an official declaration is made about what happens to them. If your divorce case goes to trial, it is easier to convince somebody to hold onto an asset that you have rather than have someone hand over something they have possession of.

To learn more, contact a divorce lawyer.


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Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

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