Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Tips For Negotiating Your Divorce Settlement

Celina Henry

Are you getting ready to enter mediation for a divorce? This process can be much more difficult than it seems, with so many things that you and your spouse need to agree on before the divorce is final. Here are some tips to follow that will help you get through it.

Start Mediation With The Easy Stuff

A common mistake is jumping into mediation by tackling those really hard issues, such as child custody or how the house will be divided. It is best to save these issues for last. Try to start with all of the easy stuff that will not require much discussion. You'll feel like you are accomplishing something in mediation be getting those things out of the way, rather than starting right with the tough stuff that can set expectations for the entire process.

Do Not Make Emotional Decisions

A divorce can be a very emotional, which can affect the decisions you make during mediation. If you feel like you are letting emotions get the best of you, feel free to step back for a moment and calm yourself down. You do not want to make a concession based on your emotions and then regret it later.

Acknowledge Your Spouse's Concessions

It is important to keep your mood positive during the mediation process. When your spouse starts working with you to make concessions that you like, make sure to acknowledge what they have done. Being ungrateful could cause your spouse to not want to be so generous about another item you need to decide on.

Be Prepared To Compromise

You'll need to understand that everything won't go your way during mediation. You will have to make your own compromises at some point in order to move the process forward. It helps to write down a short list of things you're willing to compromise on so that you can keep those things in mind during the mediation process. It will help put things into perspective when other issues come up that you are willing to concede on.

Hire A Lawyer For Assistance

When mediation doesn't seem to be going anywhere, consider turning to a lawyer who offers divorce law services. They can help you deal with hostile negotiations or come up with a plan when both you and your spouse can't seem to agree on a particular issue. When you and your spouse are having problems communicating, your lawyer can help step in and resolve the issue for you.


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Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

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