Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

A Few Important Things To Understand About Consumer Bankruptcy Practices

Celina Henry

When your finances are a mess, everything can seem overwhelming. Making the decision to file bankruptcy may add a bit of relief to the situation but will also create a bit of stress until all the paperwork is filed and has been approved. To help you get through the whole ordeal with as little stress and upset as possible, it is best to use a law firm that specializes in consumer bankruptcy practice. However, there are a few things you need to understand when looking for the right firm.

Bankruptcy "Mills"

A bankruptcy "mill" is a firm that deals strictly with bankruptcies, and has a lot of experience, but do not get involved in what is going on with the client. In general, they have you meet with a secretary or paralegal who will fill out the paperwork and file it. You may not meet with an actual lawyer unless there is some problem with the paperwork or a creditor disputes something. While you may get the bankruptcy, you may also find afterward that some debts were not included in the filing because no one searched properly for things you may have forgotten.

Determining Which Chapter to File

While you may think it would be better to try and get all your debt dismissed, you may find that having it restructured and new payment arrangements made would be more beneficial. Depending on what type and how much debt you have it may be better for you to take a repayment option. This will allow you to keep all your belongings instead of having to sell some to bring the debt down before it is dismissed. With all the changing regulations, having a firm that has a lot of bankruptcy experience is the best way to go. Make an appointment for a free consultation and see what the lawyer has to say about your specific situation.

Fees and Expenses

While most attorneys offer a flat fee for bankruptcies, there may be circumstances that will add to the fee. When you first talk with the attorney, ask about the flat fee and what exactly it includes. You then need to ask what the charge will be if a creditor disputes the filing or what other problems may add to the cost.

Meet with lawyers from a few different firms before you hire one. If they do not offer a free initial consultation, or you do not meet with an actual lawyer, cross them off the list of potentials. Once you are down to the qualified firms, go with your gut and pick the one you are most comfortable with. This will relieve more of the stress and make the whole process easier. Contact a professional like Stuart R Whitehair Attorney to get started.


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Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

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