Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Three Circumstances Where You May Be Entitled To Compensation From A Business Due To Injuries

Celina Henry

There are several situations where you may be able to sue a company for injuries sustained while shopping on the property of the business.

Injuries from slips and falls

Most people know that you can sue if you are injured after you slip and fall in a store, but it is not always simple. The circumstance in which you have the best chance of success is when you can show some form of negligence. If a portion of the store was recently mopped and there are signs that tell you to be careful, your case may not be strong. On the other hand, if a store has made no attempt to clean up a slippery spot after a spillage, you are likely to have a stronger case. Other examples of these types of injuries include falling because of equipment that was left unattended by an employee, and a floor that has been left in disrepair causing you to trip.

Injuries from falling merchandise

Regardless of the type of business that you are shopping at, all merchandise and other inventory must be secured so that customers are safe. For example, if displays of merchandise are arranged in a fashion that makes them unstable, such as a large stack of boxes or cans, and it falls on you causing injuries, you may have legal recourse for compensation. Often extra inventory may be on high shelves for future use, but this inventory must be secured properly. If it falls on a customer while shopping, this may be grounds for a lawsuit, also.

You are assaulted by an employee

The word assault is often associated with crime, but there is a civil element to it as well. And this is especially important with businesses. When a business hires a person to do a job, there are legal responsibilities that a business owner has with regards to the behavior of their employees. If you are in a retail store, for example, and are assaulted by an employee, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries from the business owner. A business will often carry liability insurance for this purpose. Certain assaults may be difficult to prove such as a fall that occurred when you are thrown out of a nightclub by a bouncer. In this situation, the bouncer was hired to remove unruly patrons.

The examples listed above are only three situations where you may have a case for compensation for your injuries. Whether your case has merit or not will depend upon many factors, including the laws in the state where the injury took place and the evidence of the incident. But a consultation with a personal injury attorney is your first step in getting compensation for the accident.


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