Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Getting Through Your Divorce and on With Your Life

Divorce, Child Custody, & Moving: 5 Factors to Consider Before Packing Up

Celina Henry

After a divorce occurs, many single parents want to have a fresh start so they can build a new routine, find new relationships, and get away from reminders of the past. Instead of just packing up and heading out, it's important to consult with a local divorce attorney before any finalized plans are set.

It's not as simple as packing up boxes and going to a new location. There are many factors that go into a move and understanding them all can give you a clearer picture of the situation. By following the proper guidelines, you can ensure that a move goes as smooth as possible without any interruptions or changes in a custody case.

File a Move Request

When your custody and divorce agreement is tied into the courts, you cannot just get up and move anytime you want. Even if you have good intentions, not informing the courts or an attorney could have a huge effect on your custody agreement at a later date. By filing a move request through an attorney, you can ensure that your needs are properly seen in the court system. Everything will be out in the open, clearly showing your intentions, and allowing you to move when you need to.

An attorney can also help you with expedited move requests if there is a time limit factor on the case.

Have a Reason for Moving

A judge will likely want to know your intentions for moving with a child. If the judge deems that the move is based solely on getting away from the other parent, then your move may be denied. There are plenty of valid reasons for a long-distance move. This includes being closer to family, new job opportunities, or different financial circumstances.

By working with a divorce attorney, you have the ability to write up your reasons for the move. This includes all of the details to make your situation clear. Without this, you may have a harder time getting a move request approved.

Consider Current Divorce Proceedings

If the divorce is not yet finalized, it may be best to put off the move until it is completed. A long distance move could cause you to miss dates in your court case. By missing dates, it could dramatically change the outcome of your case. The circumstances of a case could change due to your living situation as well. If you move in the middle of a case, you could cause delays and continuances that will extend the finalized divorce.

Consult with your divorce lawyer to see your best options for the move. They will help guide you and offer advice on recommend dates to commence with the move.

Prepare Child's Visitation Schedule

As you plan a move, one of the things that you'll have to set up is the child's visitation schedule. Depending on the distance, this may include a number of things like changes to the current schedule, plane flights, or vacation schedules when the child is out of school. By going through an annual calendar, you can work with an attorney to determine the best possible custody agreement.

Another factor with the visitation to consider are costs. Whether it's plane rides, bus trips, or another form of transportation, you have to account for the costs of the visit. You have to try and decide who will pay for the transportation, if it will be split, or if these costs are a part of the child custody agreement.

Plan the Move

As you plan the move, it's also important to consider small details and factors that could impact your custody case. Try not to move or leave on days that involve the other parent's visitation. You should also consider any school days that may be missed for the child. During the move, you do not want your former spouse to use any missed days of school against you. An attorney can help plan out all of these details and present them in writing to ensure that you following all the proper procedures and have all the bases covered. Following a moving checklist can help you stay organized as everything can become overwhelming while you move.

Moving before a custody case may have seemed a lot easier, but it is in your best interest and the best interest of a child to follow the guidance of your attorney. This is the best option for all parties involved. Learn more about the best course of action by visiting resources like


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